Small Internet-based translation office offering high quality translation in several areas: software, help & manuals, office equipment, multimedia, telecom, web sites, technical, printing and publishing, marketing, PR, communication and tourism, articles, brochures, press releases et cetera.

Thoroughly proofread, publication-ready translations at fairly reasonable rates.

English, Danish, Swedish >> Norwegian

Translation into Danish and Swedish is done by TransOnline's Danish and Swedish partners.

Reference projects:
Besides computer related translations, the list of completed projects include translation of technical manuals, web pages, e-commerce applications, mobile phone, DVD player and office equipment manuals, e-security documents, performance assessment scorecards, product video subtitling... just to mention some, and the list keeps growing.

Contact address:
Att. Solveig Hansen
Anthon Walles vei 20
1337 Sandvika

Phone: +47 900 71 363


Last updated: August 20, 2011
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